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Can TobyMac “Feel It” With Items Hidden in Jello?

TobyMac dropped by to talk about his new album “The Elements,” and we thought we’d have a little fun with a game based off of his song “Feel It.” Wally hid 4 items in Jello that represent Toby’s life, and Toby had to guess what they were. We also talked about his new music and found out if he and Wally are capable of being best friends. Check out our podcast for more of the… … Continue reading

Can Chris August Do Justice to the New tobyMac Favorite?

tobyMac’s “Feel It” usually makes us all start to dance, but what happens when you change the vibe? Chris August takes “Feel It” and turns it into his own mellow, soulful vibe. Right from his personal recording studio, he covers the song and, yes, we do think he does it justice in a brand new way! Do you agree? 🙂 … Continue reading

This Amazing New Music Video from tobyMac is Guaranteed to Make You Dance!

tobyMac’s album, “This is Not a Test,” has officially dropped and in celebration, he’s released a great new video. It’s the official music video to his brand new sing, “Feel It.” The song is super catchy and, as usual, Toby has filled this video with lots of amazing talent, so get ready to dance. In fact, if you can watch without tapping your foot or bobbing your head back and forth, please comment and let… … Continue reading

tobyMac’s New Video is High School Summer in a Nutshell

Brand new music from tobyMac always brings about some buzz. We want to know what you think of his brand new lyric video to the song, “Feel It.” It follows a teenage boy on an eventful summer day. Check it out! But that’s not all. Toby wants to make sure we don’t confuse this lyric video with the new music video coming out this Friday (August 7th) along with the brand new record, “This is… … Continue reading