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Top 5 Songs That Will Make You STOP What You’re Doing and Listen

Every now and then a song comes on the radio that makes you stop, sit in your car and just listen till it ends. Why do those songs always start when you’re 30 seconds from pulling into the driveway?! Carlos here and I had one of those experiences recently when I heard the new Adele song “Hello” on the local pop station. The way she sang it, the words she used to write it, it… … Continue reading

Be the First to See the New MercyMe Video: “Flawless”

MercyMe’s new music video flips our perspective upside down and shows us how God sees things. They also use paint and a wide variety of people to better explain something powerful. We’re pumped to bring you the big debut of the “Flawless” music video by MercyMe! You can’t see it anywhere else! Enjoy. [wdca_ad ] Don’t miss the behind the scenes video! … Continue reading

Bart from MercyMe gives the story behind their new “Flawless” music video

MercyMe has a really cool new music video for “Flawless” that you can see here. In the video, Bart admits that he’s sometimes haunted by his past. He shares  with us the past “flaws” he’s had to learn how to handle. We also talk about what it’s like to have paint thrown in your eye and to be completely smothered by paint.   [wdca_ad ] Make sure you catch the Behind The Scenes video too.   … Continue reading