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Making Peace with My Flaws

I realized recently that when I am done building a piece of furniture, I stand there and look at it.  I’m proud of what I have accomplished.  I look at all the details and think back to the problems I had to solve to make this piece turn out the way it did.  I will run my hands over it, feeling the smooth texture and remembering the rough, splintery wood that used to be there. … … Continue reading

The 10 Women that Christian Men SHOULD Marry!

“I never knew that I could get angry so quickly!” That was my friend’s response to reading an article called, “10 Women that Christian Men SHOULD NOT Marry.” Clearly a man wrote this article because it basically picks out every flaw a woman could ever have and says this makes her not fit to marry. No woman is perfect, but I believe the guidelines in that article take things too far. There are almost no… … Continue reading