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Happy 50th Birthday, Wally! Here’s What Your Favorite Artists Really Think Of You….

Our very own Wally is officially a half a century old! As we celebrate him and all he’s meant to us, we also wanted to include messages from some of his favorite artists like Matthew West, for King & Country, Bart from MercyMe, and Natalie Grant. Plus, speaker Jon Acuff, comedian John Crist, and even his family all shared what they really think of him.   Send Wally your birthday message in the comments below!… … Continue reading

Francesca Battistelli Coming to Oregon

Francesca Battistelli is one of the amazing WAY-FM artists that is going to be at The Rock & Worship Roadshow on Saturday March 18 in Salem, OR. We talked with Francesca about what she’s enjoying about The Roadshow this year. “It’s a real worshipful night. The artists are so different, but it makes it where there is something for everyone…You just never know who is going to be there that doesn’t know the Lord and… … Continue reading

Francesca Battistelli Wore THAT The Night Of The Grammys?

Francesca Battistelli recently won a Grammy Award for her song “Holy Spirit.” What a glamorous night that must have been… the red carpet, a beautiful dress, arriving in a limousine, walking across the stage. Well, that’s not quite how it was. At my in-laws in my pjs waiting on baby #3 (still a few weeks away) and absolutely floored by the news…a Grammy!!! Is this real life?!?!?! — FrancescaBattistelli (@francescamusic) February 15, 2016 So she did have… … Continue reading

Who in Christian Music Won Big at the Grammys?

The coolest part about the Grammys? Seeing the artists who give the praise back to God. Francesca Battistelli’s reaction to her Grammy win is priceless! She wasn’t able to attend due to baby number 3 almost on his/her way, but she when she won Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song for “Holy Spirit,” she went straight to Twitter: At my in-laws in my pjs waiting on baby #3 (still a few weeks away) and absolutely floored… … Continue reading

Look Back on the Awesome Top 10 Christian Songs of 2015

I’m a firm believer in reflection. Looking back can help us see God’s story for our lives and remind us of the cool lessons we’ve learned. That’s why I’m excited to take a look back with you at your favorite WAY-FM songs of 2015! We asked, you chose, and we sang along to these top 10 all year long. And rightly so. They’re really good! 10. Francesca Battistelli – Holy Spirit   9. Matt Maher… … Continue reading

The Perfect Way to Celebrate Christmas by Francesca and Her Baby

When Francesca Battistelli performed this song for Wally, it came to life in a whole new way. The song, “You’re Here,” tells the Christmas story from a mother’s perspective. What was Mary thinking while holding her newborn baby? And the cool thing about this video? Francesca is holding her own baby and calming her while singing this sweet song. The baby even joins in a few times and it’s precious.   Merry Christmas! Remember what… … Continue reading

5 WOW Songs to Remind You How Awesome God Is

You hear the songs on the radio, but have you ever stopped to think about how beautifully they point to our awesome God? Here are 5 of the songs on the new WOW Hits 2016 album that could put your whole day into perspective. 1. Jeremy Camp “He Knows” “Let your burdens come undone. Lift your eyes up to the one who knows”   2. MercyMe “Greater” “Cause I hear a voice and he calls… … Continue reading

Vote on the Best Christian Artist’s Rendition of the Star Spangled Banner!

In honor of Independence Day, we’re taking a look at WAY-FM artist renditions of our National Anthem – the Star Spangled Banner. They’ve sung it for various sporting events, television specials, or maybe just for fun as a band. Now, just for kicks, we’re having a little showdown! Vote for your favorite in the poll below the clips! 1. Steven Curtis Chapman at… a Motor Speedway? I confess, I didn’t know singing the National anthem… … Continue reading