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A 4-year-old Explains Frozen 2….Kind Of

When Wally told Zach’s 4-year-old daughter Anna that he didn’t understand Frozen 2, she decided to set the record straight by giving us a full movie review. Since Wally STILL didn’t understand, he decided to do a rappin’ movie review to work through it. … Continue reading

The First Trailer for FROZEN 2 Is Here & It Will Give You Chills

3 words… AH-MAZ-ING!!! The only thing more entertaining than this trailer is a video of your kid reacting to this trailer! Help us out & roll film of your little one watching this sneak peek of Frozen 2 for this first time & email it to… We’d love to feature your little one in an upcoming montage-video… The internet isn’t ready for all this cuteness!   … Continue reading

God Showed Up When the OBB’s Tour Bus Froze Over!

The Oswald Brothers Band – more commonly known as The OBB – found out the hard way what a harsh winter looks like. Being from Atlanta, GA, snow storms aren’t something they deal with everyday. When they woke up to a frozen tour bus that wouldn’t start, instead of panicking, they bundled up, consulted the internet for good ways to de-frost, and grabbed a camera to document the whole thing. We shouldn’t be surprised at… … Continue reading

Two versions of Frozen’s “Let It Go” you shouldn’t miss

The Frozen phenomena continues. This is a great cover by Anthem Lights and it includes a little surprise in the middle if you’re an 80’s music fan. We’ve all heard of global warming, but I think global freezing is happening. Yes that is a horrible attempt at humor, but this is a cool video of people singing Let It Go in different languages.   … Continue reading