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Zach Williams Helps Joy Conquer Her Fears

Joy is very honest that she struggles with fear so who better to help her with overcoming it than Zach Williams? His hit song “Fear is a Liar” inspired a game of Fear Factor and you will never believe the ending!   To find out how Zach had to live out the lyrics to “Fear is a Liar” when he thought he damaged a vocal chord, check out the full interview: … Continue reading

Did Ben Calhoun From Citizen Way Really Wear A Fanny Pack On A First Date?

Ben Calhoun from Citizen Way joins me on Episode 47 of the “More Than The Music Podcast” to share the stories behind their album, “2.0,” and how he got a second date with his wife after showing up to the first one wearing a fanny pack. Subscribe through iTunes | Subscribe through Google Play | Subscribe Using the RSS Feed Here’s the proof! Enter to win an autographed Citizen Way “2.0” CD! … Continue reading

You Won’t Believe The Crazy Things People Actually Put on Their Wedding Registries

Joy here and I’ve learned it’s a dangerous thing to put a wedding registry scanner into a man’s hands. You never know what they will scan!  I looked away for just a few minutes while in Bed, Bath, and Beyond my fiance decided we needed some toilet bowl cleaner and added this to our registry. I thought for sure no one would ACTUALLY purchase it for us. But of course Carlos surprised me with it at… … Continue reading

We Help Natalie Grant Write an Unforgettable Song About a Cat

Collaboration is often a key ingredient to great song writing, so we help Natalie Grant write her next great song, three words at a time. The results speak for themselves in this powerful, emotional song about Ben the Cat. (Hear the full interview with Natalie in today’s podcast.)   We couldn’t let Natalie leave without letting her sing one of her own songs. This performance blows us away.     … Continue reading

Hillsong’s New Video Shows You How to React to the Unexpected

I love this video tweet from Hillsong! The video features Taya – the voice you’ll know from their song, “Oceans.” As she steps up to play the keyboard, you’ll never guess what happens next. Sometimes things don’t go as planned – even for Hillsong United – and that’s ok. Hillsong writes: “We’re all human. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and don’t lose your sense of humour.”   Remember to laugh at mishaps and keep moving… … Continue reading

What Happens When Tim Hawkins Writes a Hilarious Tribute to Mark Hall’s Kidney?

Lots of prayers went out for Casting Crowns’ lead singer, Mark Hall this past March. He had surgery to remove one of his kidneys due to cancer, but seems to be doing very well! He took a few weeks to recover at home, but as of April 1st, he’s back on tour with Casting Crowns! Mark’s Twitter and Instagram feeds have been full of hilarious posts, but this one may take the cake. Tim Hawkins… … Continue reading

Chris August Loves Discounts More Than You Do

We know WAY FM artists like to have fun, but Chris August takes it to the next level. Check out his new rap video called, “The Discount Song.” It might remind you of Chris’s “Candy Rap.” He left one small comment on his Facebook page saying, “You know me, just writing songs from my heart…” but otherwise, this video speaks for itself. … Continue reading