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for King & Country Play “Shipwreck or Poop Deck”

In honor of their song “Burn the Ships,” we decided to see how well Joel and Luke know their ship names. And one of them got a little too into the reward that came with answering questions correctly…. They also talked all things “Burn the Ships” plus what movie we can expect from them next: … Continue reading

Can Dennis Quaid Identify Wally’s Role in I Can Only Imagine?

Dennis Quaid stars in the new movie I Can Only Imagine. But does he remember Wally’s small part in the film? With a little help from his dog Peaches, Dennis Quaid helps put Wally’s role in perspective. Dennis also talked with us about how he felt when he read the script for the film, the rough nature of playing Bart Millard’s abusive father Arthur, and a few surprising cameos in the movie.   … Continue reading

Hawk Nelson Gets Touchy Feely

Jon from Hawk Nelson joined us for a game where he had to figure out what certain objects were….while wearing a welder’s mask and gloves. The punishment for losing the challenge was having to share a “touchy feely” moment from the last time he cried. Hear more of the interview with Hawk Nelson, including how Wally had to tell them his true feelings about their new song, by listening to the podcast! … Continue reading

How to Make a Business Meeting Fun According to The Wally Show

We’ve always had a hard time paying attention in business meetings, so making up a game to play during them naturally evolved. Inspired by one of our favorite sports legends, Scott Sterling, we wrote down specific sayings from the video that Wally had to work into the conversation with our unknowing boss. ✅The cannon has fired! ✅Straight in the schnoz ✅Every excruciating detail captured in HD perfection ✅Like a mustache lion dragging a gazelle through the Serengeti… … Continue reading

Try This Fun Game At Your Next Christmas Party

This would be a fun game to play with friends and family at your next Christmas party, especially if MercyMe is also at your party. Also, this is worth watching just to see Nathan’s Christmas vest.   Hear the full interview with MercyMe right here in today’s podcast.       … Continue reading