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The Cure to Feeling Forgotten

Feeling forgotten can be devastating. Their eyes pierced through me as if to reach into my soul. As I walked past these poor children, I was shocked that some of them only wore underwear and had no clothes or shoes to speak of. They watched our group of white Americans walk straight up to their neighbor, Vivian’s, front door. Vivian is a 7 year old girl who is a part of Compassion International in Ghana, Africa. As soon… … Continue reading

3 Ways A Change In Latitude Will Change Your Attitude

According to Marc Anthony, The rule in real estate is location, location, location. Appraisers consider a home’s location when they determine property values. They compare the home and land to similar properties within the same geographical area, which is another reason why location is emphasized as much as it is when determining property value. I think that same rule can apply to our faith. If we spend our lives in the same location doing the same things, influenced by the same people, it… … Continue reading

I Had 99 Problems Yesterday

Poverty has a way of making you question everything you thought was important; at least it did for me today. I was overwhelmed by how little the people in rural Ghana have compared to me. Yet while living in conditions far worse than I could even imagine, they are content and so grateful for what God has given them. One of my biggest pet peeves is hearing someone constantly complain. I usually roll my eyes… … Continue reading

What Mount Everest Taught Me About Ministry

The big question about climbing Mount Everest that every person who has ever reached the summit is asked is, “Why? Why did you do it?” And the famous response is: “Because it is there.” It is the same thing with poverty. Poverty is this ominous behemoth that casts its shadow over much of the world. It stands there defiantly taunting us making us think that it is insurmountable. But like Everest, poverty can be conquered,… … Continue reading