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A Simple Way to Love Where It’s Needed Most

Every girl deserves to have at least one moment when she feels loved and beautiful. The orphan girls in Peru often feel abandoned and unloved. Their families either do not want them or they come from abusive homes. Today in Cusco, Peru you made so many girls feel special and so beautiful! A pair ofshoes is nothing to us. I personally have around 50 pairs of shoes, but for the orphans in Peru they are… … Continue reading

STOP Saying “Like a Girl!”

How often have we used the insult “you throw like a girl.” It’s been around forever. Even as a girl, I still say it! However, have we ever thought about what that really means? It’s saying that girls can’t throw and that’s not true! Why do we allow this insult that puts women down to be a part of our speech. We often add, “like a girl” and never think about what message this sends. One… … Continue reading