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It’s 4AM & Time For The Day To Begin!

Lying in bed in the black of night, I hear a subtle noise of vibration… With ninja-like reflexes, I quickly reach for my phone & turn off the alarm. (I gotta be fast so I don’t wake up my wife, Sarah) What happens next is a daily occurrence…Like an old married couple, my stubborn brain argues with the body that getting up this early is not possible! Luckily the body swiftly wins that argument as my feet are on… … Continue reading

5 Dance Videos That Will Make You Smile

Have you seen the Dance With Mandisa video submissions yet? If you haven’t, here are five random entries that are guaranteed to make you smile! The DeFrance Family Not only does the DeFrance family have killer facial expressions, but their choreography is a lot of fun to watch. Kayla Kayla’s dance routine will make you want to turn up “Good Morning” and start dancing too! Carly Carly has a wonderful and infectious… … Continue reading

Yes, You Can Learn Zumba in 5 Minutes with Wally and Mandisa

Not only does Mandisa show you a full Zumba routine to the “Good Morning” song in this video, but she even talked Wally into trying it! And trust us – if Wally can Zumba like this, you’ll have no problem!   Mandisa loves sharing her Zumba workouts and fitness inspiration with friends. In fact, she just announced there’s more Zumba to come with her new remix album! Post by Mandisa. … Continue reading