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The Top 5 Christian Songs Celebrating Love and Romance

Hey, Christians, let’s not be afraid to celebrate love and romance! It’s a God-given gift to reflect His love for us. Here are 5 perfect songs for Valentines Day written by fellow believers in God AND marriage! 1. Jonny Diaz – “Thank God I Got Her” This song came from a conversation with a buddy of his. “I was talking about all these things that confused me about my wife and at the end of… … Continue reading

Amazing Pictures of Unspoken, Jonny Diaz & More from 8/26!

On August 26th, 6 INCREDIBLE artists graced DFW with an unforgettable concert! Artists include: Aaron Shust, Carrollton, Grayson Reed, Jonny Diaz, Jordan Feliz and Unspoken! If you’re saying to yourself, “I wish I could have been there!” Then you’re in the right place, my friend, because 89.7 WAY-FM has got you covered on all the pics from that night! Thanks to The Heights Baptist Church in Richardson, our artists took to the stage and gave… … Continue reading

“Fight For You” is the Perfect Song to Inspire Your Marriage

“Fight for You” by Grayson|Reed has resonated with a lot of people. Watch this husband-wife duo perform it live!   Grayson|Reed is made up of Mike and Molly – a husband and wife who wrote and, now, perform this song. They didn’t expect this song and its message to spread to so many people, but they’re glad it did. Here’s what the song means to them in their marriage. Mike: “You know, everyday we wake… … Continue reading

Learn How to Fight For Your Relationship From Grayson Reed

Disagreements are inevitable in any relationship, but the new duo Grayson Reed discuss fighting FOR your marriage instead of against it in their new single “Fight for You.” They never expected this song to gain popularity as quickly as it has! Molly said, “We thought this song will probably never get played on radio but we are going to write a REAL song like this!” We are thankful for their openness and honesty about their own relationship as… … Continue reading