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Which Iconic Christmas Movie Character Are You?

Christmas movies are great because we see ourselves in so many of the iconic characters. Maybe you’re like Joy and when you see Buddy the Elf, you see a little bit of yourself inside there or maybe you’re more like CJ who has been compared to Clark Griswold! Take this simple quiz to see who you relate with the most! … Continue reading

Bekah Lands A Direct Hit On Zach With Her Grinch Parody

We took popular Christmas songs and re-worked the words to process some issues we’re working through. (Here’s Wally’s.)    You’re A Smug One, Mr. Zach by Bekah You’re a smug one, Mr. Zach Your arrogance just grows You see yourself as slumming With us dummies on the show, Mr. Zach You’re a snarky bald man with a…heart made of stone! You’re a know-it-all, Mr. Zach You say your facts are true That Your brain is… … Continue reading