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The Impact of Matthew West’s Song “Mended”

Brittany’s Story: As a child, I was sexually abused with abuse outside of that, and growing up, I struggled with depression. I felt like my self-value was so tainted and so broken. When this song came out…I was driving down the road, and I actually had to pull over. I felt like God had been trying to reach me for so long, but I was so angry at God for allowing things to happen the… … Continue reading

The Call from an 11-year-old Girl that We Won’t Forget

The amazing thing about music is how it can impact people’s lives in different ways. This week, we talked to an incredible little girl named Madison who has found comfort in Zach Williams’ song “Chain Breaker” as she deals with her dad’s drug addiction. Our hearts broke as we spoke to this 11-year-old girl who has had to face way too much for her age: My dad–he has a drug addiction problem. We tried to take… … Continue reading

How Hillary Scott’s Song “Thy Will” Impacted Three People

There’s something incredible about the power of music and how a song can speak truth and hope into our lives. During our most recent segment of “Group Therapy,” we heard how Hillary Scott’s song “Thy Will” spoke to three different people during their darkest moments. Christine I foster children, and we had a sibling group of 3 that I had fallen in love with. The older one said that she didn’t like the attention I was giving… … Continue reading

Wally Explains How to Better Understand the Gospel with One Song

The Wally Show loves some Group Therapy. Music makes a big difference in our lives – and Wally reminds us – that’s why we play it! Wally picks a specific song, then you tell the story of how it made a difference in your life. We call it Group Therapy. The song is our common thread, but every story is totally different, but ends with the same beauty. Listen to the stories of these women… … Continue reading