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The Famous Kisses Game with AGT’s Joseph O’Brien vs. Wally’s Daughter Haille

If you’ve been watching this season of America’s Got Talent, you may have noticed Joseph O’Brien: the humble 20-year-old who became famous for his incredible talents and for the fact that he had never been on a date.  When we found out that he lived close by AND was a huge fan of the show, we had to have him in for some trivia on famous kisses vs. Wally’s daughter Haille. We also talked to… … Continue reading

Advice For My Daughter As She Heads Off To College

I knew this day was going to come, and I truly am happy for my daughter as she heads off to college to become her own person.  However, there is some sadness that comes along with this as I will miss just being around her.  She and I had a great moment together last night, and she was the one crying and didn’t want to let me go.  As a father, it doesn’t get much… … Continue reading