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How Can You Help People Suffering From the Hurricane Aftermath in Haiti?

We know it’s often confusing when you want to help, but don’t know how. Even as Hurricane Matthew leaves the US, we are only now beginning to see the devastation left in Haiti. Here are 2 trusted ministries that WAY-FM works with closely. Know that when you give to either one, you are truly making a difference for people Haiti. 1. Compassion International Because of their 293 church partners in Haiti, Compassion is able to… … Continue reading

Hear From Haiti on the Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

#PRAYFORHAITI Joy here and my church does a lot of missions trips to Haiti and has a ministry partner there named Gardy. He gives a vivid picture of what the destruction in Haiti is like since Hurricane Matthew.   If you want to get involved and help the city of Morency you can get involved here with 410 Bridge Ministries.  … Continue reading

Wally Popping Pills in Haiti

I spent today just outside the city of Jacmel in Haiti, checking out the work that World Concern is doing with their 44 cent cure. It is pretty amazing. Kids in third world countries like Haiti, are prone to getting parasites. These parasites make the kids very sick, and if untreated can even be deadly.  We asked one child what it felt like to have these parasites inside him and he said, “it was like… … Continue reading