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Hawk Nelson Gets Touchy Feely

Jon from Hawk Nelson joined us for a game where he had to figure out what certain objects were….while wearing a welder’s mask and gloves. The punishment for losing the challenge was having to share a “touchy feely” moment from the last time he cried. Hear more of the interview with Hawk Nelson, including how Wally had to tell them his true feelings about their new song, by listening to the podcast! … Continue reading

Hear How Hawk Nelson’s “Drops In The Ocean” Helped Save Two Lives

Jon Steingard from Hawk Nelson joins me on the More Than The Music Podcast to share the incredible stories behind their album, “Diamonds,” including how God used their song “Drops In The Ocean” to literally help save two lives. Subscribe through iTunes | Subscribe through Google Play | Subscribe Using the RSS Feed See who’s coming up: Monday Night Album Spotlight Schedule   … Continue reading

Making Diamonds: 3 Important Truths for When You Feel Crushed by Life

Hawk Nelson plays a song called, “Diamonds.” It packs more punch against the hard seasons of life than you might realize. Here are 3 super important truths to remember when the pressure is on and life gets tough: 1. Pressure produces strength. “[The song] talks about how God can use pressure, struggle, trials and stress in our life and make it into something stronger and more beautiful.” That’s what Jon Steingard, lead singer of Hawk Nelson… … Continue reading

Ever Wonder What Inspires A Band To Make Music?

Tenth Avenue North has been around since 2000, creating some of the most honest and beautiful music around. Have you ever wondered though what it is that inspires them to make the music they sing? In this video, Mike Donehey explains just how powerful music is. He says, “Songs are meant to be sung, and songs can light fires.” This video gives you an honest look into the heart of Tenth Avenue North, and why… … Continue reading

Look Back on the Awesome Top 10 Christian Songs of 2015

I’m a firm believer in reflection. Looking back can help us see God’s story for our lives and remind us of the cool lessons we’ve learned. That’s why I’m excited to take a look back with you at your favorite WAY-FM songs of 2015! We asked, you chose, and we sang along to these top 10 all year long. And rightly so. They’re really good! 10. Francesca Battistelli – Holy Spirit   9. Matt Maher… … Continue reading

How to Respond When Past Mistakes Haunt Your Marriage – Hawk Nelson

If you have baggage you’re carrying into your marriage, you should hear what Jon Steingard – lead singer of Hawk Nelson – has to say. He’s been there, he gets it, and he’s seen how God can redeem. “We have a level of trust that’s based on working through a lot of that hard stuff (baggage that I brought into the marriage), and I wouldn’t want to lose that.”  – Jon Steingard – lead singer… … Continue reading

Something Awesome Happens When You Hear Hawk Nelson on the Radio

Jon and Micah from Hawk Nelson share how they’ve seen Christian music and radio make a difference in people’s lives. Check out the video!   If you’d like to come alongside us in this ministry, there’s still a bit of time left to give during our Fall Pledge Drive. Thanks for listening, loving, and supporting Christian radio and the music we play!   … Continue reading

Twitter is Giving Us This to Look Forward to

Check out what some of our top artists are posting. New things are on the way and they’re giving us something to be excited about! Sidewalk Prophets For the first time since 2012, Sidewalk Prophets is recording a brand new album – and they can’t stop talking about it! Plus, they’re recording from inside a castle which is pretty cool on its own. The band’s Twitter and Instagram feeds have been flooded with cool shots… … Continue reading

3 New Songs to Keep Your Eye on in 2015

2015 is a new year, so – along with the favorites you already know and love – you’ll be hearing a few new songs on WAY-FM! Here are some of our brand new favorites for January to keep your eye on throughout the year. Watch for new music in the WAY-FM Music Blog throughout the year and if you want to hear what’s new ahead of time, check out WAY NEW! That’s your one-stop shop… … Continue reading