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Jeremy Smith is a Hometown Hero

Jeremy Smith is a Hometown Hero. Check out what we have heard about Jeremy: Jeremy Smith is a martial arts master and a hero to many, many people. He and his wife own and operate Dynamic Martial Arts in Gresham, Oregon, but unlike many business owners, he isn’t looking to grab a quick buck every chance he gets. In fact, he donates *several* hours a month teaching self-defense and life skills to women in shelters… … Continue reading

Gabriele Canazzi is a Hero

GABRIELE CANAZZI IS A HOMETOWN HERO! Gabriele is a registered nurse and is also teaches at Clark College. Check out this nomination letter we received about Gabriele.” “I’m nominating my wife, Gabriele Canazzi. I’m not nominating simply because I’m biased and think she is the most amazing woman in the whole world (which she is) but because she truly is a hero and has constantly put others and their needs before her own for as… … Continue reading

Yuzuru Tanakura is a Hero

Yuzuru Tanakura is a Hometown Hero! We received 3 nominations for Zu. Here are some of the stories shared: Zu or Yuzuru Tanakura is a blessing to my life and has taught me how to be not only a good student but a good person. For 20 years he has taught guitar lessons to kids and played music for church’s worship bands. If it weren’t for him I would be failing in most my classes… … Continue reading

Mike Lord is a Hometown Hero

Mike Lord is a Hometown Hero! Here is the nomination letter we received about Mike: Mike Lord is a teacher at Oregon City High School. Along with being an amazing father of 6 kids in his own blended family, he encourages hundreds of students everyday towards making positive changes within the school that focus on culture, unity, enthusiasm, and involvement. In addition to teaching social studies in the classroom, he’s the student counsel advisor of… … Continue reading

Hometown Hero: Alyson Huntting

Our Hero this month is Alyson Huntting. Alyson will be honored at the Gresham Chamber of Commerce gathering on November 3. Here is the nomination we received: It is my pleasure to nominate Alyson Huntting as a true hometown hero. Alyson is passionate about her community and goes above and beyond to support the causes she believes in.  She is committed to inspiring others to join in and help those in need and leads by… … Continue reading

Hometown Hero: Shaelynne Wachlin

Our Hometown Hero for the month of September is Shaelynne Wachlin. Here is what Rachelle said in her nomination: Shaelynne Wachlin is a hometown hero because of her heart for her students. She unconditionally loves to her students. She is willing to go above and beyond for any student. Students love her. She is one of the best teachers! She works more hours, she loves to have fun, take the kids on field trips, and… … Continue reading

Hometown Hero – An Incredible Rescue

Our Hometown Heroes are normal people that have gone above and beyond to impact the lives of others. This month, our hero’s actions saved a life. Here is part of the nomination we received from Anita: I want to enter Branden as a Hometown Hero. He heard my friend’s car accident and went to help. Below is an excerpt from my friend’s husband’s caring bridge post: My daughter Elia remembers the crash in vivid detail.… … Continue reading

Hometown Hero: Loran Wright

We are excited to announce our next Hometown Hero: Loran Wright Denise nominated Loran and here is what she said: Loran Wright has fed the homeless weekly since around 1977 . This man has taught, prayed, hoped for, and housed the rejected. He has also served as a police officer and a benevolence pastor. He continues to encourage us at the dear 80-something that he is. Wow! What a story of selflessness and an example… … Continue reading

Our Hometown Heroes

104.5 WAY-FM and Gresham Ford have chosen our first Hometown Hero award winners! We are excited to be able to honor Kimberly Arndt, Biana Neet, and Marshall Crites for acting as Good Samaritans helping to save the life of a person who was being attacked in Tigard. This heroism, stepping up in a time of crisis and acting selflessly, has earned these three individuals a much deserved award. All three were honored at the Casting Crowns concert on… … Continue reading