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5 Ways Jesus Taught Us How to Pray

“Pray continually.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17 My niece is a senior in high school. In a few short months, she will walk in procession with the rest of her class to receive her diploma. It seems like yesterday she was a baby asleep in my arms. As a child, she loved to talk with me. She started the minute she saw me and continued until I left. She told me stories of her day, tattled on… … Continue reading

The Surprisingly Simple Lesson You Could Learn From This Jar

My wife loves this “things” jar in our bathroom. But all it does is literally sit there empty, all the while desperately yearning to be filled with something, anything! Or maybe I give it those emotions since I don’t understand why it just sits there empty. “It’s a part of the decor” she says as she walks on by. So I smile, pretend to understand and begin brushing my teeth. But today this little empty… … Continue reading