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A Final Word on Saeed Abedini

I feel sheepish writing this, for reasons I’ll explain. But I feel sheepish not writing it, too. So I’m writing this. Saeed Abedini was a listener to our radio show. He lived in Boise, Idaho, before being arrested and held prisoner in Iran. We talked about him a lot on the show, not because he was more important than other prisoners, but because we felt a personal connection, and knew he was held because of… … Continue reading

What Happens When Wally Comes Clean About His Hypocrisy?

Recently on the show we were discussing an email I received. The question was, if a preacher committed adultery in the past should they be allowed to preach today or does that sin preclude them from ever being in ministry again? We discussed our thoughts on the matter and then took a few calls. When we got one from a lady named “Dianne”, it caused me to reflect on my own life. “Dianne” shared that… … Continue reading