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Ever Wonder What Inspires A Band To Make Music?

Tenth Avenue North has been around since 2000, creating some of the most honest and beautiful music around. Have you ever wondered though what it is that inspires them to make the music they sing? In this video, Mike Donehey explains just how powerful music is. He says, “Songs are meant to be sung, and songs can light fires.” This video gives you an honest look into the heart of Tenth Avenue North, and why… … Continue reading

5 Questions That Need Answered Right Now About I Am They

Lately, you might have been hearing a lot about a band called I Am They and that they are coming to First Assembly Fort Myers on Friday, February 26th! You might be wondering just who exactly are they? Well here are 10 things about this hipster band you need to know! 1.) Who are they? I Am They is a part folk, part pop, and part worship band whose high energy and hipster style you… … Continue reading

Where Did the Band “I Am They” Get Their Name?

When I hear a band play incredible music, but have a rather odd name, I’m on the lookout for a story. That was my reaction when I heard of the band I Am They. Their music is is very folk-inspired and uses lots of unique instruments. It’s truly beautiful in both sound and message.   I did my research and found out the name, “I Am They,” comes from John 17. Jesus says an amazing… … Continue reading