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Jamie Grace Found the Best Way to Say Thanks to Her Mom

When Jamie Grace’s mom was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition, they knew it would be a long fight. Jamie watched as her mom battled and progressed. People surrounded them with love. Though the fight isn’t over, Jamie continues to site her mom as one of her biggest inspirations. In fact, she was a big part of the inspiration behind the song, “Fighter.” Just in time for Mother’s Day, Jamie Grace directed and released a… … Continue reading

Jamie Grace Shows You How to Fight When Life Gets Rough

“I’ve come to realize, everybody’s gonna go through something big. Everybody’s gonna have something difficult in their life. But the beauty of it is that no matter how big that stuff is, God is always bigger. And He’s always in control.” – Jamie Grace Wise words from Jamie Grace. In the video below, Jamie shares how she fights through her struggle with Tourette Syndrome and how God has used her story to encourage others and… … Continue reading