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3 Steps to Start Loving Your Body

“Ugh, you are so fat, I bet everyone notices. Her arms are so much more toned than yours, why don’t you go to the gym more? Your thighs are disgusting!” If I heard someone say any of these things to someone else, then I would be furious and demand that they apologize. Yet, these are things that have crossed my mind daily! We are SO HARD on ourselves! I was reading this article called “4 Truths to Remember… … Continue reading

Time to Deal With Our Insecurities

We’ve all got insecurities. You can deny it right now, but you know that deep down you still have a few. A few days ago, one of my dear friends invited me to go to a party with her. When I got there I suddenly felt like I did not belong there. Everyone was super hipster and cool with amazing life stories. I did not fit with any of them. I hated feeling insecurities I… … Continue reading