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Jade’s Story Will Make You See How Powerful JoyJars Can Be

Jade has cancer. But she’s fighting back with joy! We’ve been friends with Jade for a while and she’s amazing. She knows firsthand how big of a deal it is to receive a JoyJar. Her mom, Becky, told us her story. Check it out.     For every $100 single gift during our year-end-pledge drive, we’re sending a JoyJar to a child fighting cancer. You’re bringing hope to your community by keeping WAY-FM on-the-air and… … Continue reading

Advice for Mark Hall from a 6 year old “Cancer Pro”

Meeting Jade at a Casting Crowns concert a few months ago changed Wally’s outlook on life. Though she’s only six and battling cancer, her courage and joy is inspiring and contagious. Jade heard about Mark Hall’s recent diagnosis and wanted to write him a letter. She said it would have been nice if someone who was a “pro at cancer” would have written her, and since she is a pro now, dictated this letter to her mom to send. Casting… … Continue reading

Why I am now Pro Choice

This is Jade, she is an amazing girl. She is funny, smart, obviously adorable, full of life and she has cancer. However, cancer is something she has, it is not who she is. Yes, she is a fighter and has had to deal with more in her short time here, than I, even as an adult, have ever had to endure. But she is more than even that. She is JOY. After meeting her, when… … Continue reading