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Why Did Brant Accidentally Crash a Press Conference at City Hall?

Weeks ago, my wife was attacked on our street. I haven’t talked about this on the show, for several reasons. But I’m talking about it today. She was attacked, and we couldn’t seem to get the police to do anything about it. The attacker still walks around our neighborhood. We’ve contacted police repeatedly with photos, descriptions of the assailant, even his address. He threw a hammer at her, then attacked her in broad daylight. She’s… … Continue reading

How to Stop Being Angry About Everything You See On Facebook

Maybe you’ve noticed: Everybody’s ticked off about stuff. All the time. even named last year the “Year of Outrage”, complete with a handy, interactive calendar that lets you pick any day of 2014, and it’ll tell you what everyone was ticked off about on that very day on Twitter. A few weeks ago, I released a book called Unoffendable, and it’s about anger. It’s about “righteous anger”. It’s about Jesus, too. And that’s the… … Continue reading

Is it Right to Be Angry About Injustice?

It’s fair if you are presently thinking, Wait! Are we not supposed to be angry at injustice? Are you crazy? We’re not. But this does not make me crazy. The fact that I enjoy puppetry when no one else is looking? That makes me crazy. My daily habit of eating an entire loaf of burnt toast every morning for ten years? Yes, that qualifies me. Sure. You got me. But this? No. It’s not as… … Continue reading