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A Reason to Smile

If you’ve watched the news for more than 30 seconds lately, you know that it’s easy to feel helpless and hopeless. But even in the middle of all of the bad, amazing things are still being done at CURE International hospitals as children get life-changing surgeries. Just look at these sweet smiles! And CURE International is providing more than just surgeries. Because they believe that every child is a divine gift from God, they feel… … Continue reading

Universal Languages: Lessons from Kenya

  A thumbs up. A smile. A hug. Loneliness. Worship. Just five ideas I now know are universally understood after a trip to Kenya with Cure International and WAY-FM. Loneliness is felt whether you are in Kenya or Connecticut, wealthy or poor, married or single. Mary is a 32 year old single mom who lives in a village outside of Kenya with her two children. Her oldest daughter has disabilities, which aren’t widely accepted in… … Continue reading

Win a pen made by Wally

This pen is made of cypress wood that I got from a small wood shop in Marsabit, Kenya. It is one of only two like it in the world. It’s going to go to someone who makes a donation today as a special thank you.   … Continue reading

Wally in Kenya with Blood Water Mission: Final Day

  Today started with two firsts.  It was the first day of life for this baby born in Lwala, Kenya and the first time I have had a baby named after me.  I was told this woman gave birth and hour ago and I should go see her.  She looks great by the way and did it all with no epidural.  As we talked she asked my name and as I was leaving she said… … Continue reading

Wally in Kenya with Blood Water Mission: Day 5

Today started and ended with a smile from one of the happiest people I have ever met, Yuca.  She greeted us this morning with a smile and a hug and kindly hosted us in her home for dinner. It was such a fun evening especially for Zach.  The family decided on the nickname of Rhino for him…and they gave me…wait for it…Dung Beetle! We spent time touring the hospital here in Lwala that the people… … Continue reading

Wally in Kenya with Blood Water Mission: Day 4

Today was supposed to be a short travel day to Lwala but nothing in Africa goes as planned.  The hour and forty minute flight and 2 hour car ride ended up taking almost 8 hours.  It is funny because from the air you get a sense of just how big Africa is… …but on the ground the job is even bigger because there are so many people in need of help. And some of them… … Continue reading

Wally in Kenya with Blood Water Mission: Day 3

The internet is crazy slow and unreliable here, but what can you expect people still live in houses made of sticks with no electricity or water? I can really only upload one picture from today.  So if the saying a picture is worth a thousand words is true, this one speaks volumes.  This is why we are here.  This is the water the people drink.  It is no wonder so many kids gets sick and… … Continue reading

Wally in Kenya: Day 2

People always ask me what is my favorite Bible verse and I always tell them John 11:35, “Jesus Wept.”  I am not trying to be funny because it is the shortest verse in the Bible.  I love that verse because of the story behind it which I will get to in a second.   We started today by flying in a tiny single engine plane to get to Marsabit.  One problem, my wife is terrified… … Continue reading