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What is Good and Bad About Being a Lenient Parent? | Bart from MercyMe

“I think I have a larger struggle with ‘under-parenting’ sometimes.” That’s a confession from Bart Millard, lead singer of MercyMe. He sees the pros and cons and the reasons why, but ultimately, God is teaching him why we have structure as a part of our lives in the first place. Bart goes on to say, “There were so many things I couldn’t do as a kid and my biggest struggle is allowing them to get… … Continue reading

How to Entertain Creative Kids this Summer: Tie Dye

In honor of VBS HQ launching, we have been enjoying Vacation Bible School Week on the show! One activity that Joy had never tried was tie dying a t-shirt! It is so easy and fun that even if your kids don’t do this at VBS this summer it could be a cheap and fun activity at home! Carlos is an expert and attempt to teach Joy the ropes: To get the word out about your… … Continue reading

One Important Way to Pray Over Your Kids | Ben from Citizen Way

It’s no surprise to hear Ben Calhoun, lead singer of Citizen Way, talk about his growing and deep love for God’s Word. What you might not expect is the way that has impacted his prayers for his children.   He says, “I got interested in the Old Testament just because I thought it was cool! It’s really… true! … This is the actual living, breathing Jesus right here on the pages… and I get to… … Continue reading

One of Our Littlest Listeners is in Heaven Today

Something Brant wrote in honor of a loyal listener: One of our littlest listeners died this morning – Easter morning. Her name is Victoria, or “Tori”, for short. She loved her giraffe. She had wonderful parents. Brennan and Lesa knew they would not have her long. So they made a “bucket list” for her, which included meeting us. This just happens to be the single biggest honor we’ve ever received. She had Krabbe Leukodystrophy, and… … Continue reading

How to Break the Sense of Entitlement in Your Kids

One day, I was telling a woman named Ashley how my daughter always wanted to borrow my clothes, which many see as a form of flattery. I do, too, unless I have to dig through the laundry on her bedroom floor when I want to wear them. That story led to a conversation on entitlement. “Oh, I know what you’re talking about,” she said. I wondered what she could possibly be referring to since her… … Continue reading

Matt Maher’s Instagram Video is the Most Adorable Thing!

Kids do the funniest things. Matt Maher’s 4 year old son, Conor, sang in a Christmas concert. He shared his dad’s enthusiasm for music, but in a pretty funny way. While singing the line, “no crib for a bed,” Conor gave an enthusiastic thumbs up! Matt said: “I’m not sure why my son gave the line, “no crib for a bed” a huge thumbs up, but apparently it meets his seal of approval.” I’m not… … Continue reading

Hey New Dad: This Is the Challenge You Were Made For

So you’ve got little kids. Everything — every single, stinking, thing — is a hassle. You miss hanging out with other adults. Another family invites you over for a simple dinner, but getting out the door is a logistical nightmare on the order of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Procuring a babysitter requires more energy than a “date night” seems to be worth. You can’t go anywhere, even out for a quick coffee with somebody, without lengthy,… … Continue reading

How to Be a Fun Mom Even When You Don’t Feel Like One

I must confess that I am your usual suspect Type A. I am a multi-tasking, like to get things done, leader and administrator type. These traits are great for running a home, being a career woman, serving in ministries, but not so much for the fun mom category. This realization hit my heart hard as my 9 year old labeled me the not-so-fun mom. Even at my age, labels hurt! This piercing wound made me… … Continue reading

Why Is Reading One of The Most Important Skills For Kids?

We’ve got a surefire way to teach your kids a million words, increase their test scores, AND bring you closer together as a family! And the best part is…you can do it all from the comfort of your living room. Of course we’re talking about reading! And you’d think it was something we all do but unfortunately, “Across the nation just under half of children between birth and five years (47.8%) are read to every… … Continue reading

Don’t Be Sad It’s Over

Look, I’m going to give myself 20 minutes to write this, and no more. I can’t handle it. I’m going to type fast, and be done with it. So you’ll get it, mistakes and all. — I’m like a lot of dads: I’m not THAT emotional, but man, when I think about my kids, my little ones, growing up and away… well, like I said, I can’t handle it. I think about tucking them in… … Continue reading