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Is Starbuck’s Final Summer Drink Delicious or a Disaster?

Starbucks has attempted to end the summer with a bang by adding a permanent new drink to their roster: The Star Drink! You can buy this drink with or without coconut milk but it is made from starfruit and kiwi (which can be found diced up in the drink). CJ and Joy’s first impressions aren’t great, but maybe they will change their mind upon giving the Star Drink a taste!     … Continue reading

Kiwi Pizza is Going Viral, But is it Actually Good?

After a kiwi pizza went viral from a Danish pizzeria, people are saying kiwi may replace pineapple as the most popular pizza topping this year! Joy loves pineapple on pizza so she is excited for this new combo, but CJ is grossed out just looking at it. Check out what happened when they tried kiwi pizza live on the air! … Continue reading