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Jen Ledger Beats Wally

Wally has been trying to be a part of the band Skillet ever since his 80s hair band days. So when Jen Ledger (from Skillet and Ledger) stopped by, he decided it was time to get creative in his quest to join the band….by literally becoming her drum set. Besides being an amazing drummer, Jen also has an awesome solo project called “Ledger”! Check it out: … Continue reading

Why You Are Not a Failure If You Battle Anxiety Over and Over

“If I had stronger faith I would have already beat this thing!” Have you ever felt that way about your own struggle? Rock star, Jen Ledger has. She has faced anxiety and crippling panic attacks over and over again. It was such an honor to sit down and hear her story, because I am currently battling anxiety and it feels like every time I think it’s over the panic comes back. Her message is to… … Continue reading