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3 Things I Wish I Could Tell My High School Self

Prom season is here and my parents recently dug up this old photo of me which brought back a flood of memories. Do you ever wish you could go back and talk to your younger self? Just to share wisdom and comfort to your young soul. I certain do! Here are the top 3 things I wish I could tell my high school self and maybe you will relate. You are enough.  You are created… … Continue reading

Memorial Day Could Have Been Very Different For My Family

In April 1945, a 20 year old mother received a message that undoubtedly sent her to her knees. A hand delivered telegram informed her that her husband was injured in combat in Germany during World War II. The message didn’t provide any specific details (I’m sure that only added to her worrying), but merely said to send mail to his previous address until a new one was received. I can only imagine her questions. What… … Continue reading

Advice For My Daughter As She Heads Off To College

I knew this day was going to come, and I truly am happy for my daughter as she heads off to college to become her own person.  However, there is some sadness that comes along with this as I will miss just being around her.  She and I had a great moment together last night, and she was the one crying and didn’t want to let me go.  As a father, it doesn’t get much… … Continue reading

Why is The Wally Show Writing Crazy Break Up Letters?

Breaking up is hard to do. But sometimes necessary. We each have something we need to break up with, so we decided to make it formal with these break-up letters. Wally’s: Dear Junk food, This is a very hard letter for me to write because you are so unbelievable sweet, I know you have been my sugar daddy, and I am your little Nerd, but it is time for us to just take 5, We… … Continue reading

A Letter From a Loving Mom to Her Teen

Dear Sweet Child of Mine, I know you are so big now. You’re growing up faster than I could have ever imagined. In my mind, you went from 16 months to 16 years in about two weeks. It’s gone by so quickly for me and even as you wish away your youth in exchange for budding independence, I can still see you as a baby in my arms. Oh it was not so long ago… … Continue reading

What I’d say to me in 2025

Bekah’s Letter Dear Rebekah, I imagine you’re going by Rebekah at this point. As I write this, we are barely recovering from the $2,000 in vet bills after our clumsy dog ran into a parked car. On the one hand, I hope she’s still alive, because she’s adorable. On the other hand, if she is still alive, I am so, so sorry. You are probably in debt. I trust that my secret plan to overthrow… … Continue reading

An Open Letter to All Your Christmas-Hating Friends

Yes, you heard it right – Christmas is here on WAY-FM! It’s never too early to start getting in that Christmas-y mood, spreading joy around, and celebrating Christ’s birth. You may have friends that aren’t too happy about this whole “Christmas-before-Thanksgiving” thing, so we have just the thing for you! Recently, Michael W. Smith provided his fans with a letter explaining why they were listening to his new Christmas CD before Thanksgiving. We thought this… … Continue reading

Break-Up Letters

After 15 unsuccessful surgeries, Boston Marathon bombing survivor Rebekah DiMartino has to have her left leg amputated. To deal with her devastating loss, she wrote a break-up letter to her leg. We admire the way she tackled her loss with courage and humor. While nothing we’re facing is remotely as tough as her loss, her example motivated us to write Break-Up Letters to things that we are losing.   Wally’s letter Dear Man Card, I wish I could have done this in person,… … Continue reading