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6 Political Points We Can All Agree On

As a political junky, I (Zach) have always loved election seasons. In college I threw parties to watch debates and election night results. (Yep I’m that kind of nerd.) But in the new age of social media, political seasons are exhausting. Opinions surround us, and they’re seldom shared with grace or humility. How should I as a Christian influence the discussion? What is my obligation to the process, both as an American in a democracy… … Continue reading

Why You’ll Be Seeing Jordan Feliz at the Polls This Year

Why should someone vote? Jordan Feliz has something to say to his fellow millennials about that topic.   “I’ve heard a lot of friends, because I’m a millennial, saying… ‘Does it really matter?’ It does matter! … You have the freedom to go out and be a change.” – Jordan Feliz   See who else wants to Lift the Vote!   … Continue reading