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6 Reasons We Love Britt Nicole

You hear Britt Nicole sing songs like “Gold,” “Ready or Not,” and “Walk on the Water” on WAY-FM. Not only does she give us good music, but she’s a great role model, too. Here are 6 of the reasons why we’re glad she’s part of the WAY-FM family. 1. She’s a great mama to her baby, Ella! Britt Nicole’s Instagram account is full of adorable pictures of she and her sweet daughter. There’s no doubt… … Continue reading

5 Lessons Learned from “Lay Me Down” by Rush of Fools

Rush of Fools sings some simple, but solid lyrics in the new WAY FM song, “Lay Me Down.” As you really listen to the song, you’ll find yourself being reminded of these 5 lessons God teaches us. 1. Our lives should be a sacrifice. “And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy… … Continue reading

Bet You Didn’t Know This About Big Daddy Weave’s “Overwhelmed” Music Video

The “Overwhelmed” music video from Big Daddy Weave is great, but we bet you don’t know some of the cool facts behind it. We’re about to change that! The band used highlights from their trip to Tanzania with World Vision and some really cool stories show up throughout the video. Learn about those stories in these 4 facts you probably didn’t know about “Overwhelmed” by Big Daddy Weave! 1. Phil Wickham was involved? Phil Wickham… … Continue reading

How to Hack a Monday (inspired by WAY FM Artists)

It’s Monday. And we feel ya. Jonny Diaz gets it, too. Having a hard time staying awake? Jamie Grace and her sister, Morgan, did. Maybe you’re falling asleep in unusual places… like Colton Dixon sitting upright in a chair. Or in places that don’t even look comfortable in the first place. (Thanks, Tenth Avenue North!) Maybe you woke up this morning, showered, got dressed, ate breakfast, and… like Mandisa, this is still all you wanted… … Continue reading

5 Reasons We Follow David Crowder (And You Should, Too!)

David Crowder is a name a lot of Christian music fans know and love. Whether you’re a long-time fan, or you’re just getting to know him, he’s worth the follow on Facebook or Twitter. Check out our reasons why! 1. He tells us about little-known “gems” of society. oh my word atlanta. just had taco bell delivered. i’m not even sure what to do i’m so happy. — David Crowder (@crowdermusic) July 26, 2014… … Continue reading

6 Reasons We Love Mandisa (And You Should Too!)

Are there really only 6 reasons? No, we could go on for hours, but to start you off, here’s the start of our list of reasons to love Mandisa. Add your own in the comments below! 1. She named her bed “Rufus.” She understands our love of sleep and for that we appreciate her. 2. She puts up with Wally. Here’s one of many times Wally is… difficult during a Mandisa interview. 3. She surrounds… … Continue reading

5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Surrendering to God

“The pathway to peace is to day by day surrender our life to Jesus Christ.” – Chad Mattson from Unspoken You may already know that surrendering to God is a really good thing, but when’s the last time you thought about what it truly means to give your life away to God? They guys from Unspoken get things exactly right in their song “Lift My Life Up.” Here are 5 important reminders from the song… … Continue reading

Who’s the Best Christian Music Fan?

No doubt, we love our favorite Christian music artists, but have you ever gone all out to show your support? Check out these fans – who had the coolest idea for supporting their favorite artist? You decide! Scroll through the pictures and comment with your favorite. 1. The Creation of “Star Wars” Prophets Given as a gift to the band Sidewalk Prophets – no doubt, this is pretty fantastic. Even if you’ve never seen Star… … Continue reading

6 Reasons Ellie Holcomb is Pretty Cool

Ellie Holcomb is kind of new to the radio scene, but she totally belongs here! You may have heard her song “The Broken Beautiful” played as featured new music on WAY-FM the past few days. Get to know Ellie a little bit better with these 6 reasons you’ll probably find her to be pretty cool. 1. Her daughter is stinkin’ adorable. 2. She has quite the sense of humor. How do you plan a party… … Continue reading

4 Lessons from “Your Grace is Enough” by Matt Maher

Maybe you sing this song in church or you’ve heard it on WAY-FM, but have you ever taken a minute to let the words sink in? Matt Maher sings powerful lyrics that teach us a lot about God and life. Here’s 4 lessons you can take away from “Your Grace is Enough.” 1. God wrestles with the sinner’s restless heart. Who are the sinners? Well, that’s you and me, friend. Until Christ comes back to… … Continue reading