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What Christian Movies Mean to Mandisa

Mandisa’s song “Overcomer” is featured in the new Kendrick Brothers movie “Overcomer.” But their movies meant something to her personally when she was fighting the hardest battle of her life. The Kendrick Brothers also told us more about the new movie and their decision to overtly share the gospel in their films. Plus, they competed against Mandisa in a game to find out who the true Christian movie buff is. … Continue reading

Mandisa Coming to Portland

Ahead of the Hits Deep Tour that’s bringing Mandisa to Portland with TobyMac, Danny Gokey, and Finding Favour, she talked with us about her latest album”Out of the Dark.” Mandisa has been very open about her struggle with depression. The first song she wrote for this album was “Prove Me Wrong.” She says. “That is probably the most honest and raw (song). It doesn’t really end happily ever after. It’s kind of me shaking my… … Continue reading

Christian Artists Offer Words of Hope to People Affected by Storms

It’s hard not to lose hope as we scroll through newsfeeds full of bad news and pictures of devastation. These words of hope may help. Christian artists are coming together – reminding us to fix our eyes on the Lord instead of the storm. May the Lord be a shield of protection for all in the path of these terrible storms. Psalm 107:29 — Hannah Kerr (@HannahKerr) September 6, 2017 Houston has me thinking… … Continue reading

Wally Can’t Believe What He Found in Mandisa’s Purse

Mandisa is fearless. She came in with a huge purse and we were dying to know what was in it. She let us rummage through it, and Wally was caught completely off guard by one of the discoveries. Mandisa is always so much fun that you would never know she just came out of a 3 year battle with depression. We love how open and honest she was about her journey. Hear About Mandisa’s Battle with Depression… … Continue reading

The “Good News” That Helped Mandisa “Out Of The Dark”

Mandisa joins me on Episode 46 of “More Than The Music” to share the stories behind her album, “Out Of The Dark,” and how a phone call from her brother helped her overcome depression. Subscribe through iTunes | Subscribe through Google Play | Subscribe Using the RSS Feed While in the mist of a deep three-year depression, Mandisa says a phone call from her brother reminded her that God heard her prayers. That conversation led to his salvation and later… … Continue reading

How Mandisa Overcame Depression and Thoughts of Suicide

We love Mandisa and how infectiously happy she is–in both her songs and in person. But what a lot of people don’t know is that her song “Overcomer” began a downward spiral into a deep depression that even led to thoughts of taking her own life. Overcomer was inspired by Mandisa’s friend Kisha who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kisha lost her battle and went to be with Jesus which hit Mandisa hard: “It shook the foundation… … Continue reading

Mandisa is the Most Honest She’s Ever Been in Her New Lyric Video

Mandisa has been quiet for the past few years. She’s breaking the silence and sharing questions she’s been wrestling with in her personal life. What happens when I pray for something so hard, but I end up heartbroken? When I struggle with the same mistakes over and over again, how do I get past the shame that comes with that?  How God is answering those questions? Mandisa’s new song, “Unfinished,” says it all. Mandisa gets really… … Continue reading

Vote on the Best Christian Artist’s Rendition of the Star Spangled Banner!

In honor of Independence Day, we’re taking a look at WAY-FM artist renditions of our National Anthem – the Star Spangled Banner. They’ve sung it for various sporting events, television specials, or maybe just for fun as a band. Now, just for kicks, we’re having a little showdown! Vote for your favorite in the poll below the clips! 1. Steven Curtis Chapman at… a Motor Speedway? I confess, I didn’t know singing the National anthem… … Continue reading