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Bart from MercyMe reveals secrets of the Cover Tune Grab Bag

Wally has always loved MercyMe’s Cover Tune Grab Bag, where the band covers popular songs on video. Hear the story behind Bart’s favorite songs, and then Wally lives out a lifelong dream by joining Bart in a new Cover Tune Grab Bag.   Or, if you’re the kind of person who likes to skip straight to dessert, here’s Bart and Wally performing Taylor Swift’s “Shake”. Related Posts: Bart from MercyMe faces Wally in iPod Roulette Bart from MercyMe gives… … Continue reading

Kick Christmas Off With MercyMe!

We know we know we know – it’s only October…BUT we have an exciting opportunity to kick off Christmas just a LITTLE early this year… At every WAY-FM concert we ask you to give back to the community in some way by bringing an item that we can donate to a local charity. Well MercyMe will be no exception! This November we’re excited to partner with Stuff The Bus as we collect toys for their… … Continue reading

You’ll Love The Message of “Even If” by MercyMe!

MercyMe released the first song off their brand new album! It’s called “Even If.” The message in this song has the potential to change your faith forever. When Wally from The Wally Show heard these lyrics, he said this echoes the lesson that changed his life: “I think that’s such an important concept in our faith… We hear songs about God’s power and all the great things He can do, but that’s not always the… … Continue reading

10 Reasons that Prove MercyMe is one of the most Creative Bands

1.) They are amazing dancers. Have you seen their dance moves?   2.) Their Cover Tune Grab Bags are so much fun to watch!   3.) They are not afraid to get messy for the sake of art.   4.) They turn tough circumstances into beautiful songs.   5.) They have impeccable taste in fashion. A photo posted by MercyMe (@themercyme) on Aug 6, 2015 at 11:37am PDT 6.) They aren’t afraid to be honest!  … … Continue reading

3 Awesome Things That Will Make You Love MercyMe Even More!

You already know MercyMe are coming to Tallahassee November 7th! But there’s a lot you may not know about the band. Here are 3 behind the scene secrets about one of your favorite WAY-FM artists! 1. I Can Only Imagine…What It Would Have Been Like MercyMe may never have happened if it wasn’t for a high school football injury! Football was at the center of the Millard family – Bart’s father was an all-american player… … Continue reading

Bart from MercyMe faces Wally in iPod Roulette

What random song would come up on your phone if you hit shuffle? Wally and Bart battle mana a mano to see who has the coolest songs. Who would you have given the victory? Related Posts: Bart from MercyMe reveals secrets of the Cover Tune Grab Bag Bart from MercyMe gives the story behind their new “Flawless” music video   [wdca_ad ]   … Continue reading

Be the First to See the New MercyMe Video: “Flawless”

MercyMe’s new music video flips our perspective upside down and shows us how God sees things. They also use paint and a wide variety of people to better explain something powerful. We’re pumped to bring you the big debut of the “Flawless” music video by MercyMe! You can’t see it anywhere else! Enjoy. [wdca_ad ] Don’t miss the behind the scenes video! … Continue reading

Bart from MercyMe gives the story behind their new “Flawless” music video

MercyMe has a really cool new music video for “Flawless” that you can see here. In the video, Bart admits that he’s sometimes haunted by his past. He shares  with us the past “flaws” he’s had to learn how to handle. We also talk about what it’s like to have paint thrown in your eye and to be completely smothered by paint.   [wdca_ad ] Make sure you catch the Behind The Scenes video too.   … Continue reading