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Things Got Messy with Our Easter Egg-stravaganza

We may be too old for Easter egg hunts, but we still wanted to have a little fun with some Easter-themed games! Things got out of hand when Wally and Betty tried to read phrases with peeps in their mouths, and Bekah and Zach are still washing egg out of their hair after trying to catch a mixture of hardboiled and raw eggs in a bowl on their heads. Check out the festivities and the… … Continue reading

See if Joy Gets Pie in the Face When Carlos Makes Her “Prove It”

Joy always brags that she is the biggest fan of the show “Full House.” See what happens when Carlos makes her “Prove It!” Carlos quizzes Joy on “Full House” knowledge and for every question she gets wrong she has to crank the pie machine. For every question she gets right, Carlos has to take a turn at cranking the machine. See who ends up with a little pie on their face in the end!     … Continue reading