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Betty Rock Plays “Michael W. Smith, George Michael, or Will Smith”

The last time Michael W. Smith visited, Betty Rock got very confused when looking at his old photos, thinking that they were pictures of George Michael, or as she said, the “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go Guy.” This time when he visited, we decided to really put her to the test by having her decide if these photos were pictures of George Michael, Michael W. Smith, or Will Smith. He also shared about his… … Continue reading

Be the First to See This Amazing Michael W. Smith Video

The new song, “Sky Spills Over,” captures a new sound and feeling for the same and beloved Michael W. Smith. We’re so excited to bring you the exclusive premiere of his brand new music video to “Sky Spills Over.” The way Michael and his team bring this song to life is not at all what you’re expecting – but we think you’ll enjoy it a lot! Let us know what you think! … Continue reading