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You Don’t Have to Be a Good Christian for God to Love You

“I feel like that’s something we’re all afraid of. We’re all afraid if we, ya know, expose ourselves, and we’re honest, and we’re saying, ‘Hey, this is what I’m in the middle of. This is what I’m dealing with.’ That everyone around us, including the Lord, is gonna walk away.” – Mike Grayson from MIKESCHAIR Mike speaks from experience here. The story behind “People Like Me” by MIKESCHAIR comes from growing up in a family… … Continue reading

MikesChair’s Song for Wally’s Wife

A lot of people who have lost loved ones have asked me to post the video of the song MikesChair did for my wife who lost her mother and best friend to breast cancer 7 years ago.  I hope it is because the song moved them and not because they want to see me cry over and over again.   … Continue reading