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The Pain of Miscarriage and the Truth to Combat It

“Miscarriage is so common, it happens all the time.” I have heard this many times in the years since my first miscarriage, and again in the weeks since my second. Yeah, I get it, this happens a lot. Does knowing this fact make it any easier? No. Does knowing this negate the horrible way I feel about it? No. Does knowing this stop the onslaught of tears at random times during the day? Nope. In… … Continue reading

Hear How a Tragic Miscarriage Inspired Citizen Way’s New Song

Ben said everything changed for him when his 8 year old daughter Ava said, ” You know why they can’t find the baby’s heartbeat? Because they already gave it to Jesus.” “When I’m With You” is the new song from Citizen Way inspired by a heartbreaking miscarriage that the lead singer Ben Calhoun’s family experienced. Hearing Ben share about how God was faithful even during the hardest season of their life, makes the lyrics to his… … Continue reading

Hillary Scott’s Beautiful Music Video to “Thy Will” is Full of Truth

The song “Thy Will” by Hillary Scott has hit home for a lot of people. It comes from a time when Hillary tragically when through a miscarriage. At the end of the day, she found herself only able to pray, “Thy will be done.” And through that prayer, she discovered beautiful truth!   Hillary says, “Having things that go on in your life you think are going to be really awesome and then all of a sudden,… … Continue reading