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Christmas Movie Plots That Wouldn’t Work Today

During the month of December, the TV in our house shows nothing but Christmas movies. But as I watched some of the classics this year, I realized that if these movies were made today, the plots would be nearly impossible. So imagine with me the improbability of some of your Christmas favorites in the year 2019. 1. Home Alone In both the first and second movie, the McCallisters oversleep because their alarm clocks don’t go… … Continue reading

Can You Struggle with Depression, and Be Joyful, at the Same Time?

An excerpt from Blessed are the Misfits: Great News for Believers Who are Introverts, Spiritual Strugglers, or Just Feel Like They’re Missing Something — In A Beautiful Mind, Russell Crowe stars as mathematician John Nash. We see Nash in his college years, brilliantly succeeding at math, but finding it difficult to relate to humans. Nash doesn’t have many relationships other than his wife, his good friend Charles, and Charles’s sweet little niece, Marcee. Nash’s mathematical… … Continue reading

Which Iconic Christmas Movie Character Are You?

Christmas movies are great because we see ourselves in so many of the iconic characters. Maybe you’re like Joy and when you see Buddy the Elf, you see a little bit of yourself inside there or maybe you’re more like CJ who has been compared to Clark Griswold! Take this simple quiz to see who you relate with the most! … Continue reading

Get Your First Look at the “I Can Only Imagine” Movie

“I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe – the song you know and love – is being made into a movie! Based on a true story, the movie will explore the events that led lead singer Bart Millard to write this powerful song. The story focuses specifically on Bart’s complicated relationship with his father. Check out the first behind the scenes video! What do you think?   (Word on the street says Wally from The Wally… … Continue reading

4 Epic Ways to Make Your Movie Theatre Experience the Best Yet

The summer blockbuster season is in full swing and I’m here to help you survive it with your sanity. From hormone fueled teens racing for the back rows, to lines filled with people playing dress-up. These 4 simple rules have helped me keep my sanity and my wallet from slipping. 1. NEVER Go Opening Weekend Crowds, creepy super fans playing dress-up and lines. Unless you like showing up 2 hours early, fighting for a good seats… … Continue reading

The Movie Millions of People are Talking About

God’s Not Dead. It’s a simple statement that has turned quite a few head over the past year. The movie made of $60 Million at the box office and it’s now out on DVD and Blu-Ray! The film follows a college freshman challenged to prove God’s existence by an Atheist professor. Our very own WAY-FM band, The Newsboys, shows up in the movie. In fact, if you didn’t notice it already, the movie comes alongside their… … Continue reading