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Just Move

A few weeks ago I celebrated an important anniversary.  I celebrate it every year and remember what the Lord did because it was the turning point in my life- a crossroad. 19 years ago my life changed. 19 years ago my life began.  19 years ago in a matter of a 7 day period, I left everything I had ever known and moved 3000 miles away from my little home town to a new place. I left family,… … Continue reading

Moving= Moving On

It’s crazy when life situations perfectly reflect what is going on with you internally. Yesterday I moved to a new apartment across town. Moving is terrible and always frustrating. However, as I did my final walk through in my old apartment this morning, I realized that this move represents what I’m trying to do mentally right now. MOVE ON. There were a lot of hard moments in my old apartment. I went through a break… … Continue reading