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How to Find Your Place in a New Church

“Let us stand and welcome one another into the Lord’s house today.” If you grew up in Baptist church like I did, you are well aware of the time during the church services when you are asked to rise from your seat and greet visitors. You would usually turn to the person next to you or behind you and shake their hand politely and say welcome and then sit back down when the pastor prompted… … Continue reading

Moving :: The Life Hacks!

3 Keys to Get People Involved in Your Next Move 1. Call it a Party :: Research has shown that the right name can make all the difference. Its true for marketing, movies, and yes, even MOVING! Just throwing in the word “Party” creates an atmosphere of fun making people NOT want to miss out. (especially those who suffer from FOMO: fear of missing out) 2. Offer Something Free :: Food works best here. Pizza,… … Continue reading

Moving= Moving On

It’s crazy when life situations perfectly reflect what is going on with you internally. Yesterday I moved to a new apartment across town. Moving is terrible and always frustrating. However, as I did my final walk through in my old apartment this morning, I realized that this move represents what I’m trying to do mentally right now. MOVE ON. There were a lot of hard moments in my old apartment. I went through a break… … Continue reading