NEEDTOBREATHE Shares the Story Behind New Song “Who Am I”

“The struggle of my life is feeling worthy of love.”  NEEDTOBREATHE’S lead singer, Bear Rinehart, shares how God loves us despite our performance when he breaks down the meaning behind their new hit song “Who Am I.”   Don’t miss our full interview with NEEDTOBREATHE about their new album “Out of Body.”           … Continue reading

4 WAY-FM Songs That Sound Different When You Have The Flu

This flu season has been the worst EVER! Even if you haven’t had the flu, you’ve probably experienced another annoying sickness. I’ve had laryngitis. Ugh! Of course, listening to WAY-FM can help you feel better but some song lyrics start to take on a different meaning when you’re sick. Here are a few examples. 1. Jonny Diaz – “Breathe” I’m really trying to “just breathe” but I’m so congested right now. 2. NEEDTOBREATHE – “Hard… … Continue reading

You’ll Love These Creative Baby Names From Your Favorite Christian Artist

The past few weeks have been full of Christian Artist welcoming little ones into the world. We noticed that there seems to be a pattern of some pretty creative names! Wilder Jacob &  Woods Sawyer Rinehart Wilder and Woods are pretty adventurous names but perfect when your dad is Bear from NEEDTOBREATHE! There’s a new rinehart brother in town. everyone meet WOODS. #starerinehart A post shared by @bearrinehart3 on Aug 28, 2017 at 6:16pm PDT Jude James, Phoenix Alexander… … Continue reading

NEEDTOBREATHE Shares Music They Wish Was Released with “HARD LOVE”

More awesome music from NEEDTOBREATHE? Count me in! In honor of the 1-year anniversary of their album “HARD LOVE,” the band released two new songs they say they wished could have been on the original album. The band explained it to Billboard saying, “One of the hardest parts about finishing that record was figuring out what songs we had to cut… We stayed up many, many nights going back and forth on the final track… … Continue reading

NEEDTOBREATHE and Andra Day Collaborate in an Awesome New Music Video!

NEEDTOBREATHE says this is the most fun they’ve ever had making a music video. They collaborated with their hometown, Charleston, NC, a local marching band, and vocal powerhouse, Andra Day to create a stunning and inspiring new music video to the song “HARD LOVE.”   In addition to the video, the band has started a new video series called “Hard love is ______,” asking people to fill in the blank with stories from their own… … Continue reading

The Top 7 Most Memorable Artist Revelations Of 2016!

2016 saw the launch of the “More Than The Music Podcast” and so many WAY-FM artists shared previously unknown or hidden parts of their lives. Here’s a look back at the 7 most memorable artist revelations from the show. 7. Josh And Matt Started The Afters Because They Sang Drink Orders At Starbucks In Episode 23, Josh and Matt from The Afters revealed that they had the idea to start the band because customers complimented… … Continue reading

Full Interview with NEEDTOBREATHE – The Stories Behind “HARD LOVE”

NEEDTOBREATHE grew up in “Possum Kingdom,” one band member built a luxury treehouse, and the stories behind the songs on their new album come from a very personal place after some beautiful growth as a band. Grab a cup of coffee and click through the un-edited interview with this one-of-a-kind band as they talk about the new album, “HARD LOVE.” Subscribe and get the “More Than The Music Podcast” each week. Subscribe through iTunes | Subscribe through… … Continue reading

Why Is Everyone Running In This New NEEDTOBREATHE Video?

Bear, Bo, Seth, and Josh from NEEDTOBREATHE join me on the More Than The Music Podcast to share the stories behind their brand new album, “Hard Love.” Subscribe through iTunes | Subscribe through Google Play | Subscribe Using the RSS Feed So why is everyone running in their new music video for “Happiness”? It’s about what you’re pursuing and are you pursuing it for the right reasons… We go on the road a lot. We have to leave our families. It’s… … Continue reading