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The Perfect Songs to Combat Your Anxiety

Anxiety is something that I wish I could leave behind in 2018, but something I have found that truly helps is music. The right song lyrics combined with the sound can sooth my body and mind when I’m overwhelmed and nearing a panic attack. I’ve gathered together songs that have helped me most. I am declaring that this year will be better when it comes to your anxiety and to mine with the help of… … Continue reading

11 Upside-Down New Year’s Resolutions

I love New Year’s Resolutions. Writing down my wide-eyed dreams for the next 365 days gives me great hope. But then, I hate New Year’s Resolutions. Because around the middle of April I realize just how pie-in-the-sky they really were. Take my recurring annual goal, “Get Organized.” I’ve learned it’s about as easy to accomplish as shoveling snow in the middle of a blizzard. At some point it’s more realistic to toss the shovel and… … Continue reading

How to Make New Year’s Resolutions That Will Actually Happen

Making a list of New Year’s Resolutions is romantic. Why? For the same reason that high school is way cooler on your first day of high school than it is on your second. For the same reason that for every virgin the wedding day seems like the first step toward a lifetime of sexual paradise. And for the same reason that finding out “we’re pregnant” is initially a blast of uncontainable excitement. New beginnings are… … Continue reading

Hope for 2017 After a Terrible Year

“I’m just ready for 2016 to end. It’s been nothing but bad news,” I told my sister-in-law. “You need to see this.” She then showed me this picture of an ornament a friend had made. It features a dumpster…on fire…with the year “2016” written on the front. Yep. That perfectly represents this year: one long dumpster fire. For some, 2016 was fantastic! Maybe you added a new family member, or started your dream job, or… … Continue reading

The Top 7 Most Memorable Artist Revelations Of 2016!

2016 saw the launch of the “More Than The Music Podcast” and so many WAY-FM artists shared previously unknown or hidden parts of their lives. Here’s a look back at the 7 most memorable artist revelations from the show. 7. Josh And Matt Started The Afters Because They Sang Drink Orders At Starbucks In Episode 23, Josh and Matt from The Afters revealed that they had the idea to start the band because customers complimented… … Continue reading

Welcome to the Year 5776…wait whaaa?

We have an incredible New Year to look forward to. Another chance to start fresh and leave both the good and bad of last year in the past. We find insight on what to expect in 2016 from a source you may not expect: The Hebraic calendar. According to the Hebraic calendar, we’re not actually in the year 2016…we’re in the year 5776. And 5776 is a year that promises to be filled with incredible… … Continue reading

Here Are Your Top 5 Crazy Wally Moments of 2015

Starting a new year makes us take stock of all the times Wally made us laugh… or roll our eyes. Here are the Top 5 most memorable Wally moments of 2015: 5. Everyone trying to draw Betty This started as a fun way to mess with Betty Rock, but it just turned into Zach showing off. 4. Anna! Zach’s daughter Anna was born this year and we learned she shares his taste in music. Let’s… … Continue reading

This is the Perfect Song to Start Off the New Year

“This year, I plan on thinking less of I and me. I resolve to think of us and we.” What an incredible way to start off the New Year. Those are lyrics from JJ Heller’s song, “This Year.” She and her husband collaborated to make a brand new music video we think you’ll love. 🙂   Behind the scenes, you can see this was a family affair! JJ’s husband, David, filmed this video over the… … Continue reading

6 Things About the New Year You Need to Know

Happy New Year! Here are 6 things you need to know about 2016! 1.) There will be good days and bad days. 2016 will be filled with wonderful days you will want to remember forever, but there will also be days you might want to forget. That’s ok. That’s just how life works. Through the good and through the bad, there is always something to learn and a chance to grow. 2.) Change won’t happen… … Continue reading

Look Back on the Awesome Top 10 Christian Songs of 2015

I’m a firm believer in reflection. Looking back can help us see God’s story for our lives and remind us of the cool lessons we’ve learned. That’s why I’m excited to take a look back with you at your favorite WAY-FM songs of 2015! We asked, you chose, and we sang along to these top 10 all year long. And rightly so. They’re really good! 10. Francesca Battistelli – Holy Spirit   9. Matt Maher… … Continue reading