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Wally and Jason Gray Talk About the Biggest Lie in Christianity

Everything’s ok. Except… sometimes it’s just not. A lot of times, Christians want to encourage other believers through hard times. They just want to fix the problems, point out the silver lining, and tell us it’s ok. But this isn’t always the best or most honest way to handle hard times. The phrase, “Everything’s ok” is often a lie. “I don’t think we do grieving very well. I don’t think we allow those around us… … Continue reading

Jason Gray sings live

Here’s a song I think a lot of people need to hear. I know it meant something to me personally.   Check out the full interview with Jason Gray. 1:45 Stuttering and healing 12:30 Paper or Plastic Quiz 17:00 Being open with your life 23:30 Story behind “Not Right Now” 28:00 “Not Right Now” live … Continue reading