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What Happens When a Pop Star Hears a Band Playing Oceans?

What happens when a pop star happens upon an acoustic band singing Hillsong in Central Park? Well, if it’s Tori Kelly, she joins in – and sounds wonderful!   And if that isn’t already cool enough, she invited the small band, called Infinity Song, onstage during her concert to perform the song again!   It’s cool to see Tori using her platform in the mainstream music industry to brighten someone’s day and sing praises to… … Continue reading

5 Take-Aways from “Oceans” by Hillsong United

Christians all around the world are signing it. You’re probably enjoying its return to WAY-FM! “Oceans” by Hillsong United has taken the world by storm with its popularity, but have you taken a moment to listen to the lyrics lately? Here are 5 incredible truths about trusting God you can find tucked away in this song. 1. God calls you out. Chances are, when you’re living a life that belongs to God, He’s going to… … Continue reading

Bekah’s Blogtastic Blog Report: August 28, 2014

Chris August is a great song writer who has some pretty profound songs, this is not one of those, and he knows that. Chris said, “This is a serious song from the middle of my heart, my rap skills are second only to Will Smith, and those first two things are a joke.”   Selena Gomez….not a name you’d expect to hear in a Blog Report. But this week, she posted an Instagram video covering… … Continue reading