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What Christian Movies Mean to Mandisa

Mandisa’s song “Overcomer” is featured in the new Kendrick Brothers movie “Overcomer.” But their movies meant something to her personally when she was fighting the hardest battle of her life. The Kendrick Brothers also told us more about the new movie and their decision to overtly share the gospel in their films. Plus, they competed against Mandisa in a game to find out who the true Christian movie buff is. … Continue reading

How Mandisa Overcame Depression and Thoughts of Suicide

We love Mandisa and how infectiously happy she is–in both her songs and in person. But what a lot of people don’t know is that her song “Overcomer” began a downward spiral into a deep depression that even led to thoughts of taking her own life. Overcomer was inspired by Mandisa’s friend Kisha who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kisha lost her battle and went to be with Jesus which hit Mandisa hard: “It shook the foundation… … Continue reading

Mandisa is the Most Honest She’s Ever Been in Her New Lyric Video

Mandisa has been quiet for the past few years. She’s breaking the silence and sharing questions she’s been wrestling with in her personal life. What happens when I pray for something so hard, but I end up heartbroken? When I struggle with the same mistakes over and over again, how do I get past the shame that comes with that?  How God is answering those questions? Mandisa’s new song, “Unfinished,” says it all. Mandisa gets really… … Continue reading

6 Reasons We Love Mandisa (And You Should Too!)

Are there really only 6 reasons? No, we could go on for hours, but to start you off, here’s the start of our list of reasons to love Mandisa. Add your own in the comments below! 1. She named her bed “Rufus.” She understands our love of sleep and for that we appreciate her. 2. She puts up with Wally. Here’s one of many times Wally is… difficult during a Mandisa interview. 3. She surrounds… … Continue reading