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What Happens When a Robot Writes a Taylor Swift Song?

Recently, someone took all of Taylor Swift’s lyrics, fed them to a machine, and then had artificial intelligence write its very own Taylor Swift song. We took those results and decided to put them to music. Here are the lyrics in case you want to sing along: Now that all of the magic’s forgotten You’re still happy But Wednesday’s a wound around the corner And we’re in dust   She’s there always. Just like Jesus… … Continue reading

Can Christians Enjoy Both Santa And Jesus On Christmas?

We took popular Christmas songs and re-worked the words to process some issues we’re working through. (Here’s Bekah’s.) Santa Vs. Jesus by Wally Here comes Santa Clause You mean Satan Clause Hey that’s a little rude You’re trying to take my Christ out of Christmas Relax He was born in June Don’t you see without the Savior Christmas just isn’t right Just because I got an Xbox Doesn’t mean I don’t know Christ So why can’t Santa… … Continue reading