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The Perfect Holiday Gift For Each Enneagram Type

The Enneagram is a tool to define different personality types by assigning a number (1-9) to each type. Since gift buying is so personal, I hope this tool helps you understand the kind of gift that would be best for each unique personality type. If your loved one does not know their enneagram type there are plenty of free tests they can take online to figure it out. Please comment with your enneagram number and… … Continue reading

What the Color of Your Car Says About Your Personality

Since we see ourselves as amateur psychologists, we’re always looking for ways to better understand each other! A recent survey found that your choice of car color actually leads people to make assumptions about your personality: Black: The good news is that people are more likely to see you as intelligent and charming. The bad news is you may also be seen as selfish. White/Silver: If you drive a white or silver car, you’re seen as more trustworthy!… … Continue reading

What color is your personality?

Psychologists say there are 4 personality types and they can be summed up by a color: Red, Orange, Yellow and Green. This quick test supposedly will tell you your strengths, weaknesses and even physical health. Here’s what we got: Wally: Orange Betty: Red Bekah: Orange Zach: Yellow Take it for yourself! [wdca_ad ] … Continue reading

What the shape of your thumbnail might reveal about you

At a recent service event in Portland, Wally felt compassion on a nail and hammered his thumbnail instead. Jodi from Portugual saw the picture of Wally’s thumb and said this on Facebook: My first thought was, “Wait, that’s a man’s thumb?” Then I remembered reading that nails can apparently tell us about our personalities. My husband and I decided you probably fall into the square category: “You’re the gutsy one. You’re the one born a… … Continue reading

What your handwriting reveals about you

Wally wanted to see what was truly going on in the heads of the people he works with, so he did a handwriting analysis. This is a great way to size up the people you work with as well. Wally’s sample Katie’s sample Bekah’s sample Zach’s sample Write your own handwriting sample, and then check out what the science says about your writing. … Continue reading