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A Perspective On Perspective

I remember seeing Jeff Goldblum in a commercial for Their slogan was “Change your apartment. Change the world.” I never quite understood that until recently. I was stuck at a traffic light, completely alone, at 4:30 in the morning. This traffic light has some sort of personal vendetta against me. I know it sees me coming and waits till just the right time to change, so I miss it EVERY day. So what does… … Continue reading

“The Things That Matter” …Some Perspective from a Survivor

“The Things that mattered to me yesterday, do not matter today.” We can learn so much from the survivors — the people who are determined to make it through after a tragedy. It’s been a week since a shooting in Aurora, Illinois. It took place during a human resources meeting at a manufacturing plant. It’s still on my mind for a couple reasons. It breaks my heart. One life lost was an intern, just 21… … Continue reading

How Jesus Loved – a Message from Tenth Avenue North

“You can’t bring a man down, when he’s serving on his face.” – Mike Donehey from Tenth Avenue North Looking for perspective on what it means to live for Christ in the midst of sin? Mike Donehey from Tenth Avenue North offers his perspective as he turns an old youth group demonstration on its head in his video journal called, “The Chair.” He shares a realization about the way Christ loved those around him. Turns… … Continue reading

Sometimes You have to Adapt Your Perspective to Survive

Live Service Out, our national service event, was this past weekend. Carlos and I met an amazing woman named Rachel at the rescue mission. She is an avid WAY-FM listener that was so excited to come and serve people breakfast. Rachel explained that she used to live on the streets. She knows what a life of addiction looks like so now that she is off the streets she wants to give back and help others.… … Continue reading

E-MESS: My faith has been shaken

Hello i don’t usually do this (meaning ask for prayer from people i don’t personally know) but i listen to the show every chance i get and i feel like i know you all.I know you have been in the same spot we are, which is having a house we moved from and trying to sell it….it has been on the market for 3-1/2 years and i am so very discouraged, it is affecting my… … Continue reading

E-MESS: House for sale

Hey Wally! Love the show! I’m not sure why I am writing except to ask you How in the world did you get through 5 years of trying to sell your house?! We are going on just over a year and we’re about to lose our minds. In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer (I was 33 with two small children). Incidentally, this is also when I discovered your show. I would listen to… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Even if the healing doesn’t come

Wally, What do you think about the song, “Even If the Healing Doesn’t Come”. I understand the premise behind it, but cringe everytime it comes on. As a person who has had a long standing battle with arthritis throughout the majority of my 30’s brought on by the Epstein Bar Virus, I know what it is to continually deal with long term issues and are “waiting” on God to heal you. But I feel like… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Praising the Obamas

I was absolutely disgusted this morning to hear the segment of your show devoted to the “praise” of Michelle Obama on some late night talk show. First, let me remind you that the majority of your listening audience is conservative, who are not voting for Obama. Next, before you praise Michelle, please try to remember what her and husband represent the murder of unborn children and the promotion of homosexual lifestyles, something you as Christians… … Continue reading