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4 WAY-FM Songs That Sound Different When You Have The Flu

This flu season has been the worst EVER! Even if you haven’t had the flu, you’ve probably experienced another annoying sickness. I’ve had laryngitis. Ugh! Of course, listening to WAY-FM can help you feel better but some song lyrics start to take on a different meaning when you’re sick. Here are a few examples. 1. Jonny Diaz – “Breathe” I’m really trying to “just breathe” but I’m so congested right now. 2. NEEDTOBREATHE – “Hard… … Continue reading

For Every Parent Who Struggles With Their Kids Taking A Bath

I was that smelly kid growing up. My parents would tell me to take baths and for whatever reason, I just wouldn’t. I’d lie and say I did or I’d run the water but not get in. Or if I did get in the shower, sometimes I wouldn’t use soap! I have no idea why, I just hated it and my poor parents had to deal with a smelly kid for a good chunk of… … Continue reading

Plumb Shares How A Free Spaghetti Dinner Made Her Feel Like A Queen

Plumb joins me on Episode 50 of the “More Than The Music Podcast” to go behind the scenes with her album, “Exhale,” and share how a free spaghetti dinner encouraged her in the midst of divorce.           After reconciling her marriage, Plumb continues to inspire and give hope through her brand new song, “God Help Me.” Enter to win an autographed Plumb “Exhale” CD! … Continue reading

Hear Plumb’s New Album “Exhale” Exclusively on WAY New

Plumb’s new album “Exhale” comes out this Monday, May 4, but you can hear it in full on WAY New starting today. Tune in to WAY New on your computer or smartphone at the times listed below to hear it first. And as an added bonus, you can preorder “Exhale” on iTunes and get 6 songs from the album right now. [table id=3 /] Listen to Plumb’s new album “Exhale” exclusively on WAY New         … Continue reading

Who’s the Best Christian Music Fan?

No doubt, we love our favorite Christian music artists, but have you ever gone all out to show your support? Check out these fans – who had the coolest idea for supporting their favorite artist? You decide! Scroll through the pictures and comment with your favorite. 1. The Creation of “Star Wars” Prophets Given as a gift to the band Sidewalk Prophets – no doubt, this is pretty fantastic. Even if you’ve never seen Star… … Continue reading