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Which Overused Word Should We Ban?

There are a lot of words or phrases in pop-culture that can feel overused or even annoying. Every year, Lake Superior State University posts a list of those words that we should ban, and this year’s list included “Guestimate,” “Dadbod,” and “On Fleek.” We decided to add to the list with words that annoy us. Which word or phrase would you ban? If you think one is missing from the list, let us know in the… … Continue reading

Vote now and win a Wally Jolly Christmas T-Shirt This December, we’re hitting the road with Sidewalk Prophets and Citizen Way for the inaugural Wally Jolly Christmas Tour, sponsored by Colorado Christian University (that’s where Wally teaches). Every tour needs great tour t-shirts, so help us pick the best shirt designs and you could win the first shirt off the presses.   Sponsored by   … Continue reading